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Evergreen Theme: Nothing Ever Happens

Every year we pray upon the altar of the Fed and hope they rescue us with their gifts of liquidity. The bears get slaty and predict chaos and mayhem. For a time, the markets decline and then more nothing, as they reemerge and spike to fresh highs. The bears shit themselves, eat one of their young, and head back into hibernation. This process has repeated itself yearly since 2009. The market was supposed to collapse over and over again, but more nothing emerged.

Think back to 2016 when the Chinese were fleeing their nation, due to repatriation, and Trump’s election would spell doom for a wide array of factors, namely the trade war rhetoric. What happened? More nothing. We are year 3 into Trump’s trade wars and markets love it. Does this make sense? No, of of course not — but more nothing.

He’s supposed to be impeached and maybe political instability is bad for stocks, no? Also, he talks shit about the Fed daily, and that too is bad. Never undermine your Gods. But more nothing. We keep soaring to new heights.

Yesterday some fucker from Credit Suisse said the Fed would launch QE4 — BEFORE YEAR END. What depraved nonsense.

A fourth round of quantitative easing will be needed before year’s end to address stresses in short-term lending markets, according to Credit Susse analyst Zoltan Pozsar.

So-called QE4 would help rebuild bank reserves, which have dropped as the Fed has shrunk its balance sheet, Pozsar said.

Market experts continue to dissect the problems in repo markets that flared up in mid-September.

Trust me when I tell you, more nothing will come from this. Also, Trump’s impeachment is also more nothing. Nothing ever happens because that’s the segment of the simulation we’re in — one giant fucking troll. Shit appears to be happening — people tossed into prisons, maybe a war or two. But on the big scale, as determined by the stock market, it is more nothing.

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  1. helen

    trumph will resign before he is forced to release his tax returns…

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  2. rigged game

    Trump fears releasing of his financial data more than any
    impeachmants, charges, investigations or bad press.

    Why? Because release would show the Orangeman is a pauper,
    a fraud, a debtor, and a piss poor businessman.

    THAT would cause him to lose some of his base- which doesn’t
    care if he rapes, murders, swears, steals, or goes ape shit.

    Their mantra is “we voted Trump cuz’ he’s a good businessman”

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    • wolfdaddy

      I meet shitty businessmen all the time decking out their 747s and their penthouses in gold

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  3. soupbone

    bubbles are always intoxicating. this one is the biggest.

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