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What to Expect from Exodus 2.0

I’m getting a lot of emails from prospective clients in regards to Exodus 2.0 aka Stocklabs.

The pressing question that most people ask is “will it make me a better trader?” The answer to that question is of course NO — you will not all of a sudden become this grandiloquent trader, magnanimous man about town, moneyed man of property. If you grew up Polish, you will still be Polish after 2.0. Sorry, but there is nothing I can do about that. But what I can promise you is a carnivale styled environs with lots of clowns honking horns and men with funny noses places gambit trades in search of fortune. What I can also promise is greatness on a scale never seen before. Naturally this might chagrin my partner to great lengths who is stationed with developing the platform; but I do not care.

From what I’ve gathered and seen, the platform will perhaps “increase the sizes of your cocks”. That’s right. Also, “it can cure baldness” and possibly turn that “flaccid sausage into a rock solid destroyer of clams”.

None of the above indecorous description were my words, but instead the words of my young German partner, Tr3way, who views Stocklabs as a modern day cure all, for all things.

We should see to a launch soon. If you want to test it our and see if it can cure your impotence, go to StockLabs.io and enter your email.

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  1. ferd

    I was going to join …but those features would increase the cost of the reduction surgery I have scheduled.

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  2. lesurgeon

    Great post, man.

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