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Bullshit BREXIT Deal Reached; Futures Rise

All you need to know is Nigel Farage hates the deal and wants Boris dead, so it must be good for the status quo. Ordinary billionaires making ordinary billions.

Nasdaq futures are +55 and Elijah Cummings is fucking dead. Did Trump execute him? What happened to Epstein? Where are the tapes, Sir? Have you no shame?

Yesterday was just about the worst day ever for SAAS stocks and today it looks like they’ll bounce. I’m sorry if the fucking market isn’t simple for you fucking morons to seamlessly make money in. I’m sorry that this game you pretend to know how to play involves losses and not everyone can perform at an exemplary level like Le Fly.

I am sorry.

Sorry not sorry.

Morgan Stanley beat. Netflix is soaring. Trump is out of his fucking gourd. The kids are vaping, collapsing their lungs. No one likes IBM.

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  1. juice

    iow, US-American/globalist business as usual

    carry on

    nothing to see

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  2. ferd

    Europe may be stabilizing. But I suggest everyone watch MTP Daily daily to get a sense of how hysterical the coup planners are in the US about Trump’s plans to withdraw from one of our many wars.

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    • numbersgame

      Please note: the problem is not mainly the withdrawal, but the way it was carried out.

      He could have made a deal (isn’t that supposed to be his strong point) with Erdogan before he withdrew. Instead, he realized his mistake afterwards and wrote a desperate letter begging to fix it:

      It’s just like his withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear deal. I understand why some view enterign the deal as bad, but waht was gained from leaving it after Iran got their fudns unfrozen?

      Trump is terrible at internatioanl negotiations, proabbly becuase his typical “Art of the Deal” involves threats and lies instead of compromises.

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  3. numbersgame

    Cumkings was truly a great man. Evn if you don’t like his later politics, he was a leader for civil rights, so for that, sympathy to his family and supporters.

    On the other hand, this seems to be the only way Democrats will get younger blood into leadership positions.

    on NFLX, from the conferencee call

    “Reed Hastings: And Ted, why don’t you talk a little about the movie slate and how it’s different? If there’s a whole new world, it’s really about our movie slate more than anything else.

    Theodore Sarandos: 100%. I think we’ve got – just in the fourth quarter alone, we’re talking about films that are – that range from a massive scale action film from Michael Bay with 6 Underground to Oscar hopefuls like The Irishman, Marriage Story and The Two Popes, Eddie Murphy’s return in Dolemite.”

    That’s right, Disney has Lion King, Avengers, Star Wars, etc,, and NFLX has “Dolemite”

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    • numbersgame

      “the only way Democrats will get younger blood into leadership positions.”

      To chair the powerful Oversight committee, the Dem front runner is someone 5 years older than the guy that just died. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carolyn_Maloney

      Boomers’ motto: “You can have the gavel when you pry it out of our cold dead hands:”

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  4. numbersgame

    Mike Morris: Where are we in terms of achieving scale on that investment if we look at that content spend per subscriber? (Looks like he is reading the comments I make on this blog. This – not subs- is FNXL biggets problem) Do you expect the competition to continue to drive that up? Or are we getting to a point of equilibrium where you’re starting to see the benefit of that global penetration that you have?

    Theodore Sarandos: I wouldn’t try to take a stab at predicting whether we’re at equilibrium when there’s so much fluidity in the market today. But I think what you’re seeing now, there’s an absolute cap, of course, so — but anyone can pay for any given project, and it will get super competitive for a lot of them. So I’d say that we’re investing forward and trying to win those moments of joy for our members, and that’s what’s driving us. (Nope, still not seeign any content-per-sub-cost beneftits from our huge scale)

    Mike Morris (analyst): In the past, you’ve spoken to a 40% domestic contribution margin target. Is that something that you still view as achievable?

    Spencer Neumann: Well, first, on margins, I guess — so the good news is we did deliver over 40% contribution margin in the U.S. this quarter. It happens to be at the last quarter that we’re looking at the business in that way (2019q4 guidance: 31.6%,, cost to remian high forever)

    Mike Morris: …you talk about progress toward turning free cash flow positive…what is your expectation?

    Spencer Neumann:…we’re committed to, starting in 2020, improve our negative free cash flow profile (ie, still negative)…And then beyond that, we’re not going to give specific projections. We’ll continue to scale gradually towards self-funding (hopefully eventually cash-postive, but no promises)

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  5. numbersgame

    The current BREXIT deal is a great example of political compromise. Brexitees orginal plan was never going to happen, and this is really the best that anyone can hope. Basically,
    – Great Britain gets Brexit
    – No hard border on Irish Isle

    This basically sets up the reunification of Northern Ireland (UK) with Ireland. it also avoids a Hard Brexit.. No wonder Ireland is in favor of it. Northern Ireland in particular should do very well, as they seem to get free trade with GB and with the EU. You’ll probably see a lot of business move from the GB to NI if the deal (as I understand it) goes through.

    However, even if UK votes for it, Europe may not. After all, how hard can it be to smuggle goods from Great Britain into Northern Ireland and then into the EU customs-free? Maybe that tarde will be minimal.

    Also, the main reason for Brexit was not because soem wanted out of the EU trading block, it was because they didn’t like the EU’s immigration rules. Under this deal, peopel can still walk freely from the EU into the Uk via Ireland. So far, I am not sure how these peoepl will be treated (by the goverenemnt) comapred to how they are treated now. Not surprisingly, all of the press and meetings seem to center on the tarde ($$$) side of things, even though this wasn’t the reason that Brexit happenend i nthe first palce.

    As it stands, I’d say 60% odds of a soft brexit Oct 31, and 30% chance of ahrd brexit, and 10% cahnce of extension. If there is another extension, then proabbly a 90% cahnce of a hard brexit later as this means parties have agreed to disagree instead of compromise…

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