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NO MORE DICK TEA PLEASE, An End to An Indecorous Era

I went long DTEA late 2018 in the fleeting hopes the company, Canadian and poor, would come to their senses and sell drugs inside of their teas, specifically pot. But no, they’re too haughty for any of that and have repeatedly rebuffed market requests. As such, one day following their earnings report, I am exiting the stock for a profit of 45%.

Sure, it was a fun ride, but the time to sell — for me — is now. Normally the stock is illiquid, trading by appointment, always in the dumps shitting on shareholders. This is a rare opportunity to exit at an enriched price with volume.

Will the stock go higher from here?

Who the fuck knows? I am not emotionally attached to Dick Teas and can only suggest that you extricate yourselves from emotionally driven trades. This was a binary choice and I chose to close this indecorous chapter in my life.

On a related note, I sold CPE for 10% loss and ENPH for a wash. I am, quite honestly, the most inverse Captain of the oil fields to have ever lived. Whenever you see me trading oil, do the opposite and enjoy the profits with my compliments.

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  1. spaceman

    “can only suggest that you extricate yourselves from emotionally driven trades”
    I’m getting really excited about the possibility of bond monetization resuming today and even if it doesn’t imagining what the future will look like when the Fed’s balance sheet grows to 20 trillion dollars and silver rockets 10-40 times higher. Buy and hold is out and buy and hold on Is in.

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