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I’m back to my same old routine of banking coin with ease and grace, the sort of poise one would expect from a gentleman of extreme proportions. I am to stock trading what Cary Grant was to male aesthetics. You can dick around and Humphrey Bogart your way thru life, punching people in the nose and tricking women with booze and cash to ingratiate your carnal desires, or you can simply Cary Grant the fucker and order suckling on demand.

What in the fuck am I talking about?

Why learn to trade? You people are ill equipped to do anything, let alone figure out high finance. To become good, an actual expert in something, you need at least 10,000 hours of practice. You have a better chance of dying in a fire than becoming proficient at this shit.


Instead of learning, why not feed off the crumbs that fall off my grande table? I pick winners on a consistent basis and am rarely wrong on large directional moves. With my new Grande Druid rituals in place, nothing can stop me.

Today’s winnings.

AVP +4.3%
STMP +2.7%
BYND +2.3%

I took the BYND for an overnight gambit, the other two were 2 or 3 day holds.

I’m interested in short squeezes now, but have ~40% cash. I think the late stage rallies like this are the best, optimal opportune ahead!

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  1. numbersgame

    Fly, I agree that with most people, it’s better off just getting someoen like you to tell them what to do than to learn to trade (unless they are young and patient). My only concern is that I think most people underestmate how much commissions take if you trade vs invest.

    At 2.3%, I’ve started to buy Treasuries again. At above 2.5%, I’ll probably buy long-term TLT option spreads unless Trump gets a miracle China deal in which he actually doesn’t cave and in which China actaully gives more than promises.

    One intersting thing, is that clearly Europe woudl prefer a Democrat and Putin, Kim, and Betanyaho loves Trump. But who does China prefer? Biden (status-quo) is probably number 1. However, Warren or Sanders vs Trump would be a more intersting choice, as none of those are fans of the pre-trump trade situation. Trump is obviosuly more pro-business, but his isolationist base is and his erratic, unpredicatable behavior makes it difficult for them to figure out waht he really wants.

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