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Some of the perks of being a member in the hallowed halls of Exodus.

For you home gamers, that 11.95% in 30 mins — for an annualized return of 1 billion percent. I am quite literally the best trader alive.

Why are trades only being offered inside Exodus now?

Because I gave them here for free for over a 12 years. I gave you fuckers a 12 year free trial and now that has come to an abrupt end. If you want access to one of the best god damned minds in finance, you’ll need to FORK UP $1.36 per day — you absolute fucking grifters.

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  1. teslawasright

    Ok Fly Sheesh!

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  2. ferd

    “Fuck off degenerate. I have literally never day traded in my life.”
    Fly, circa 2015

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  3. numbersgame

    “…for an annualized return of 1 billion percent.”

    The “annualized return” (gross of commissions…) bit gets old, but this was entertaining. However I still have you beat with my best trade.

    What’s the annualized return if you Open a (VIX) option Calendar spread trade with a Net Credit, and then close it with *another* Net Credit 1 week later? I got paid at both ends.

    Don’t think that’s possible? Check out the difference between European and American style options.

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