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My JDST position was sold at the loss today — because I was under the ASSumption that gold had resumed its upward path. I even went as far as to buy some gold and silver miners. All of that was wrong, since gold gave up the gains and the 3x downside gold miner faggot of an ETF soared.

Not only did I misread the move today, I doubled down on my retardation by executing long bets.

The truth is laid bare, “The Fly” is yesterday, the one who knew gold miners were heading lower, is appreciably smarter than this rancid version, counterfeit and a fraud.

What to do now?

Just sit here and wait.

I am selling any losers on the books that aren’t moving with this tape. I booked a wash in one and -3.2% in another. Sure, I have stocks climbing and net net, I am making money. Let’s not forget, my Quant represents 75% of my investable money. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention losing on trades like this saps the life out of me and sends me into hibernation.

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  1. numbersgame

    Tape was slow today.

    Ironically, this is the one time I think that a trade deal may go forward, with Trump bending over to try and save the economy. Looks like “the President thay cried wolf syndrome”

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  2. The_Swede

    A big win is still in the offing, due to the Mercedes indicator.

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