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Red Flag: IPOs Were Completely Destroyed Today

Old man value stocks did well and high beta retard stocks REKT. There’s nothing more high in beta than the recent string of high valuation IPOs.

Let’s have a look at the most current crop of retarded high valuation shit POs.

PECK -39%
KERN -14%
RVLV -12%
DTIL -11.4%
ZM -11%
BYND -9%
PD -8%

The list goes on and on and on.

What have I been telling you to do?

Get long VALUE stocks and to pair down growth. What happened today?

See KMB.

What have I also been telling you?



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Ignore me at your own peril.

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  1. helen

    Did you just jinx the gold trade for us long term gold fags?
    Gold sector is going to get fucked hard, possibly tomorrow, one last time before starting a rally in earnest.

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    • Dr. Fly

      How could a person who called this from the beginning jinx it? On the other hand, you’ve called nothing and are prone for error.

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  2. trumpmeister

    $1,800 min in 12 months. One of the easiest calls to be made for quite a while. Same as Chipotle CMG under $300, when everyone rags on the Silver Hair Demon.

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  3. torero

    Today was a complete fuckery in Gold. The futures opened above 1434, which is the top of the channel from 6/26/13 on the Weekly….But GLD opened much lower. Then the Miners such as NUGT are negative. (I’m using Futures as the lead, since thats where the money is at.)

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