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Back From a Long Day of Hiding Out

At around 10am I was alerted to a Showing Time request for my house at 2pm. This set off loud and buzzing alarms inside House Fly, as Mrs Fly panicked to launder the sheets and scrub the walls and make sure everything was tidy enough to be seen by complete strangers, perusing our home with extreme criticism and sincere circumspection — for the purposes of purchase. A domino of mental confusion gripped her and caused an avalanche of emotions to sloppily spill out and erupt into an inferno of rage and anger. Much to her chagrin, I opted to shower and then garden — taking the highest road if you will — because gentlemen of my cloth and leisure do not partake in “inconsequential discussions.” Catch phrases such as that, I’ve learned, work wonders for my relationship — a toxic recipe of self-destruction brought on by the fact that I’m constantly seeking chaos and interminable folly.

I made good solid coin today and have come back home for a brief period of rest and respite. I will soon be on the road again, acting as a butler for House Fly, doing this and that, getting things done productively and without complaint. The markets enjoy going higher and I am in no position to argue with it. It was tempting to fade the rally for an opening tick lower — but I decided that would be a dogs shit trade and opted for something more degenerate. The IPO market is red hot.

Trade accordingly.

Here are my last trades, most of which were overnight holds.

DRIP +28%
ROKU +2.5%
TVIX +5.7%
TZA +2%
FAZ +6%
TQQQ +4.5%
NUGT +21%
ROKU +6.4%
(DUST -2.9%)
AYX +5.4%
ZM +8.5%
PINS +9.5%
(PAGS -0.5%)
(SFIX -3.5%)
FAS +0.3%
(BE -3.1%)
LK +8.1%
CRWD +7.2%
SOLY +7.9%
NUGT +8.3%
SAIL +5.9%

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  1. sierra water

    AVID looks pretty good here technically, and fundamentals are good as well. VERI.. look at the insiders buying last couple weeks. Technicals look good.

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  2. irma vep

    I don’t think the potential buyers would look at your sheets.Just throw a fancy coverlet or better yet a rich looking quilt. PPl love rich looking quilts. BBB

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