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Slow Day — Markets Refuse to Go Lower

Big opportunity lost for shorts today. It’s a Friday and war with Iran is imminent. All sorts of red flags went up due to the bond market and Morgan Stanley’s economic indicator casting a grave pall upon the forecast of this economy — and yet we could not even drop by 1%. What a shameful disappointment.

I will have you know, I have zero hedges and considerable long exposure, but in old man value names, hardly any great. I own some of course — but the majority of my bounty is conservative — because lower yields is a boon for high divvy plays.

Not much else to say other than ‘watch gold.’ The strong dollar derailed it of glory today, but there’s always tomorrow.

With that feather in my cap, I bid you a good weekend.

NOTE: Please say a prayer for an expeditious sale of my house, so that I might become a southern gent, post haste.

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  1. narwhal

    Dear Feathered Gravy Gods,
    Please come early this year and circle over House Fly. Be sure to drop gravy and giblets upon his roof, and bring a nice family of Pilgrims to buy his house above market value.
    If it is your will, please inject our stocks with brine so they can marinate until your glorious return this November.
    You owe us this since you left us for dead last Thanksgiving, which rendered us skinny and unable to defend ourselves against Krampus.

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    • cancel19

      Krapus sure had his way with our portfolios, We demand restitution!

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