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Markets Surge!

Is it any surprise to see stocks melting higher, one day removed from what looked like a possible deterioration? Granted, it was tepid, but oil was really weak. But now it’s not, thanks to the blessed attack in the Straights of Hormuz.

As a pleb in this world, you are permitted several chances at attaining a sizable fortune. Right now, in this very instance, you are being granted permission to print your own money. You might not realize it and you might believe there are dark forces lining up against you. But rest assured, this is as easy as it gets.

What to buy now?

How about highly leveraged balance sheets who benefit from lower rates? Can any of you asspunchers think of one or two? I can.

Also, considering rates are going lower and growth is higher, it makes sense to believe gold will continue higher. Even if you’re not a gold bug, you should have some exposure.

Growth names do not interest me here, because it’s the summer and because value has some catching up to do. I’m down to 25% cash, after purchasing a few names today. I did sell FAS which I bought before the close yesterday for an overnight hold. There are canaries in the coal mine that you can track to ensure this rally is legit. One of which is oil, another HYG, another highly leveraged names like GE.

I’ll have more later — but for now, trade well and fuck off.

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