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Listen to me as if your head was trapped inside a giant trombone.

Stocks are designed to trade higher. You only lose money in them when you veer off the plantation and into small capped shit. Providing you own the same stocks House Dupont and all of the other illustrious houses own, you will do fine. If you try to circumvent the circle of trust, you will be eliminated. If you attempt in any way to get splendidly rich in a manner that is viewed untoward by the elite, the IRS will imprison you. There is a certain method to the decorum that is demanded here and the only way to achieve lasting, generational, wealth, is to be a sheep and go with the status quo.

Failure to adhere to these warnings will result in a life time of poverty, toil, and misery.

If you do not know how to do this, I can show you how it’s done in the Exodus Quant. Join and find out.

It was a solid day, with many leaning in short at the end of the session — hoping for a reversal in the AM. I took out another End of Day trade for an overnight hold. My last 5 picks have been of the most supreme quality. You’d be wise to view them below.

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  1. it is showtime

    It will be



    To see this category: US Budget Deficit

    Hit “1” “T”
    this week https://www.usdebtclock.org/

    your temporary-wealth – perceived-wealth –
    – Fake-wealth – will be taken away from you
    Day of Reckoning ahead

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    • i Bergamot

      thanks for the link

      Lower left box:
      essentially, every taxpayer supports one other person and their pet

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      • potato

        why are you RETARDS talking about the national debt?

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      • numbersgame

        Except that the calculations are seriously flawed.

        According to the numbers:
        Total National Assets = Household Assets + Corporation Assets + Small Business Assets.

        What about Local, State, and Federal Government Assets?

        Parks, Roads, and Aircraft Carriers are certainly worth something. Of course, if Republicans get their way, thsee would soon fall under Corporation Assets, but we aren’t there yet.

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