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Markets Mowed Down Like Grass — Based Off Repetitive Chinese Trade War News

We’ve been fighting this war since 2016. By the time Trump leaves office, this war would’ve lasted longer than the one against the Nazis.

I bought a bunch of stocks today — closed the session mostly wrong — 40% cash and milquetoast about my prospects.

This was an infinitesimal move and no one should panic over it. It’s only disappointing because it could’ve been better. We could’ve had more.

If forced to choose just one trade for tomorrow, I’d say SOLY. If forced of course.

Off to smoke a pipe.

Good day.

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  1. jbandy

    This market is retarded. I’ve cut back on my trading significantly. Waiting to see how Q1 earnings pre-announcements play out (now is the season with companies being 2/3rds of the way through the quarter). Could see some bombs.

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  2. it is showtime

    Guess what?
    I know how to solve income inequality.
    I know how to solve income inequality.
    I know how to solve income inequality.

    Guess what

    brings down the rich
    opens doors for the lower rungs

    .Boom. Vote for me.
    How stupid are .You.

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    • numbersgame

      Off your meds?
      +1 for the message though.

      In other news, FedEx warned again about a global slowdown for the second quarter in a row. Full year forecass is now $15.10 to $15.90 per diluted share for fiscal 2019 vs $17.20 to $17.80 in Q1, down more than 11.5%.

      Also, more astute observers will note that full-year spread got WIDER ($0.80 vs $0.60). Now why would there be more uncertainty after Q3 than after Q1? Is it easier to project 3 quarters, up to 9 months ahead, or 1 quarter, 3 months ahead? My money is that the real number is $15.10 to $15.40, but they didn’t want to spook the market even more.

      Nothing to see, go buy stocks.

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  3. irma vep

    Fly, this is one of the things that amaze me about you, Macke and Josh Brown. You know stuff that you are too young to know. How do you know the term “milquetoast”. It’s a rhetorical question. I love it.

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    American companies and govt always plan strategies based on a quarterly basis.

    Asians plan for years, decades.

    Trump knows the trade war isn’t going to end in a month, three months or a year. We’re talking 3-5 years.

    The days of air lifting billions of dollars, liquor, white girls and basketballs to dictators are over, get used to it. The new sheriff is in town and he’s gunning for Xi.

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