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Semis Have Broken Out; The CPI Index is a Scam

It’s clear to anyone with a brain inside of their thin skulls that the semis have broken out again on Friday, now up more than 20% for 2019. I imagine the index going higher by, let’s say, 150% for the year — making everyone rich and grand and gay.

Try to fucking stop it

Even though the Atlanta Fed thinks the economy grew at a rather paltry 0.2% for Q1, none of that shit matters. See pal, you’re over there in your bullshit threads, sitting in your bullshit chair, waiting for pain and misery, when in fact the only misery being absorbed is by yourself — because of that fucked up portfolio of yours stuck in the thickets of your harebrained thinking.

Life has a way of just working out and the ideas we once harbored, way back in December, aren’t relevant anymore. We’re all wealthy pipe smoking men again, even the women, and nothing can stop it.

On the curious topic of the CPI index — they said it only rose by 0.2% to an annual rate of 1.5%. Isn’t that funny? Here I am, scratching my head over my excessive cost of living and the government counters my reality with their meaningless CPI index, boasting practically zero inflation. Then I remembered social security and other government doles are predicated on the inflation index. The cost of living increases are based off this index. Ergo, they have a vested interest in lying though their teeth, in order to keep their expenses down.

Old and poor people get BTFO on a daily basis.

Do yourselves a favor and never get old, and most certainly poor. The worst combo a human being could have is both old and poor. You might as well grab a ski mask and rob a few banks if forced to live old and impoverished — under the yoke of the CPI index, which so miserably relegates people to a life of cantankerous miasma.

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  1. heckler

    They factor “quality” into the gay CPI. So if you’re TV is twice as nice and resolute but only half as expensive, then inflation actually goes down. Thing is no one used to give a fat dick about that they just watched tv. Sometimes grandpa went on the roof and wrestled with the antennas at halftime. That is your cost if living adjustment.

    I’m telling you right here and right now – CBD stocks will double this year. The market is ready, mouth foaming, laid out plainly, begging for more.

    Do yourself a favor and stop stressing over chip manufacturers chinese checkers surveillance bullshit. Buy some cbd weed and chill the fuck out, Here Fly.

    My local weed store has nothing compared to what’s coming down the line.

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