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Another Day at the Gambling Factory — Markets Poised For MOAR

I’m fucking busy, God damn it. WTI is sharply lower. Perhaps this could end up being a matter of concern today. But I would remind you that markets do not trade lower on Friday’s. See, the opposite of that is true when in a bear mode. Friday’s are a very polarizing day, with most fags worried about the weekends, where to waste time and money, how to fuck themselves into an inextricable situation that shall cast a pall upon their house in such a way — it will stand as a pivot point towards ruin for the next 50 years.

Lots of ‘ideas’ floating around this morning. I’m sure you’ve got your little fucking lists ready and you’ve been listening to some social influencers about what stocks are going to go up today. Perhaps you can make a little money and maybe that will make you a little happy — because you might use said money to buy some nice clothes and said clothes might make you feel better about yourself — because you got the ass-end of the genetic helix in your family, and perhaps you might attract a female to give you the time of day, and perhaps you might get laid.

Life is a game of fuckeries and by the time you figure it all out — it’s time to die a very horrible and miserable death.

My best ideas will be shared inside Exodus. Truthfully, I love writing and the main site is my baby — but the majority of my time is spent inside the hallowed halls of Exodus. Should you subscribe and join the league of gentlemen? That all depends if you need money to buy a nice shirt in an effort to get laid.

Exodus will get you laid, believe me.

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  1. edge

    Sex sells.

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  2. teslawasright

    House Fly on Le Friday night

    Eating copious amounts of cheesed dip and perhaps a Heineken Light

    Then proceed to have his Mexican servants cook his 2.5″ ribeyes medium rare plus

    Followed by a glass of Bordeaux and then on to an outsized glass of Talisker served with a giant ice ball composed of reversed osmosised water

    Off for a late night drive

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