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Burned by the Fires — Revenge Trading is Served Hot

I lost a fast 13.5% in KTOV. It all happened so fast, maybe within an hour. A younger Fly might’ve held on for glory, affixed some wrong-headed emotional bond with this piece of shit and either end up with a giant win or loss. Nowadays, I don’t really care about anything, really nothing at all. I glide through life without a care in the world, helping others because that’s what I was made to do — a public servant who enjoys TALKING SHIT on the internets.

Being angry and upset over the discordant treatment I endured with KTOV, I immediately bought LABD — hoping to profit from some blow off top in the biotechs. I could show you a double top in the XBI — but that might be gratuitous.

Additionally, I bought SNAP. This is probably a mistake. I have anecdotal evidence with three kids that suggests the app is no longer relevant amongst youngsters, at least in the way it used to be. But technically speaking, I like it here and now and could envision fucktarded 50 year old hedge fund managers allocating into this stock — in search of a fountain of youth and some gains.

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  1. chuck bennett

    What’s snap?

    How are they even trading at 10 bucks? Lol


    Chuck Bennett

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  2. ferd

    Can’t borrow QQQ on IB ..never seen that before.

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