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Harvesting Some Gains to Make Room For More Shit Stocks

I sold MDB, AYX, and CBLK — all for nice profits. I’m a big SAAS fan, as most of you already know. I fervently believe in the future of our software pioneers, as they sashay into the future — eating away at enterprise IT budgets — placing people out of work.

We’re in the latter stages of the rally and the QQQ is getting close to my $175 target.

What to do?

Play the small cappers. That’s where all the money will be made as the rally matures, eventually wilts, and collapses on its own hubris.

“The Fly” is a man of few words, both stoic and reserved in all manners, and likes to believe the market to be his handball court — with me bouncing around and slapping the shit out of equities that run into my path. I know exactly what will happen next. There isn’t the slightest inkling of doubt as to where we new heading and how this resolves itself.

I intend to make a great deal of money these next few days.

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  1. helen

    ““The Fly” is a man of few words, both stoic and reserved in all manners”
    Needed a good laugh to start the day. Thank you:)

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  2. edge

    Sold labu at a loss. Chucked something else too.. can’t remember.

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