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Cullen Frost CEO Gives Cheery Assessment of His Personal Apocalypse

I’m going out on a limb here to suggest this guy is completely full of shit. Who is he kidding with the olde “everything is cheery and fine here in oil hell” anyways? During an interview this morning on CNBC, former Fed head, Dick Evans, gave a very positive assessment of Cullen Frost’s oil portfolio, saying all was well, nothing to see here. I got flashbacks of Baghdad Bob while watching this man spin a yarn.

In all fairness to Dick, it’s his job to stay positive and lift morale throughout the ranks. His stock has been sledgehammered to the tune of 33% over the past 3 months and Wall Street is screaming “you’re full of shit” after each and every one of this Polyana “we are a diverse economy in Texas” interviews.

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  1. t.c.

    A great bank. Customer service is like the 4 Seasons.

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  2. bexpo

    Famous Last Words “It’s not our First Rodeo” – usually precedes their Last Rodeo, they all say that right before they go belly up.
    Then why did all the oil men act so stupid & leverage themselves TO DEATH?

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