Sunday, December 4, 2016
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Insider Buying

I just posted a screen inside of The PPT, scouring for insider buying. While many of you get frantic over insider selling, most of the time it’s meaningless rabble. The jobs for most insiders are ephemeral, regular moonlighters. People have mortgages, brats in college, demanding battle axes who like to shoppe 24/7, gambling afflictions etc. An insider, mind you, sells for a hundred different reasons, but buys for only one.

Remember that for as long as your pathetic organic shells last on this diseased planet.

Here are a few stocks that have been under accumulation by insiders.

Oh, one last thing, don’t just accept this data on face value. It has been generated by computers and is subject to error. Also, in some cases, large blocks of stock have been purchased by others companies, as is the case with WES (APC bought a chunk). Do your due diligence first.


And here are some stocks that have crushed over the past 3 months with some insider activity.

PBYI (they were wrong!)

Let me know if anything pops out. Get to work.

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  1. Jworthy

    Thanks for the list. AGCO is one that jumps out – they are generating a ton of cash and management is methodically buying back shares. (Admittedly, it’s bit of a boring old man company though).

    • heaterman

      That’s because farmers are absolutely killing it the last couple years and are swimming in cash. Dairy in the upper Midwest is banking serious coin.
      There is more new paint sitting in farmyards around here than I have ever seen in my life. Literally miles of new irrigation equipment being installed all over making once infertile land able to produce a decent crop. Couple that with the fact that GMO seeds have basically added 70% to crop yields and you have farmers with more $$ than they know what to do with. So……….they buy new equipment.

      One thing about farmers. If you gave most of them the choice of paying taxes or fighting the devil himself, they would fight the devil.

  2. ed

    What do you think about $GIGA’s story? 60 minutes had a piece on the new fighters that the US plans on using. It’s a penny stock but hell seems like ground floor for this company for the next few years.

  3. Danny1980

    Alot of insider sales are related to expiring options which need to be exercised; unless of course the selling is related to the FEYE CEO…lol

    TURD; I would love to see a company with that ticker symbol…lol

  4. smartestone

    looks like another humbug day for the markets

  5. Anton

    Thanks, Le Fly. Is there a way to quickly scan historical performance of stocks post-insider buying to determine how often these events are reliable predictors of performance and maybe quantify how much of a pop, on average, insider buying can predict over different time intervals?

    • Dr. Fly


      That’s a good idea. I can have Jeremy add that to the list of things to do.

      BTW: I can pretty much build any tool for The PPT. If you have a request, let me know and I will build it.

  6. matt_bear

    LIOX is an OA position he took yesterday actually.

    SCTY is interesting, but then again i’m a solar believer.

    Tel Dar paper is not listed….but that’s because management only owns 2% of the company!

  7. djmarcus

    Fwiw apc is the GEneral partner of Wes ( via wgp ownership). Most if not all MLPs will have large insider ownership.

  8. noCigar

    OPK – CEO Phil Frost has been buying on the open market for months. Frost is currently Chairman of Teva. He was founder of Ivax, which he sold to Teva for $7.6B.