Monday, December 5, 2016
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In light of the recent surge in both EMES and HCLP, I doubled my position in SLCA. This is an average up and my position is now ‘super-sized.’ For the record, I have two super sized positions now: JAZZ and SLCA.

My dream is to see an oil derrick on every street in America, outside the local diner, movie theatre and of course elementary school. We need to teach our children how to create jobs, via horizontal drilling and subsequent dumping, mind you, of potentially (lol!) lethal toxic run-offs.  But that’s neither here or there.

Right now, the good men in the Bakken and Permian Basin need sand for their drilling programmes. SLCA is always polite enough to oblige, for a small gentlemanly fee of course.




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  1. djmarcus

    Worth $120 IMO

  2. Mr. Cain Thaler
    Mr. Cain Thaler


  3. gorby

    Your going all Cain on us

  4. I Am Jesse Livermore
    I Am Jesse Livermore

    jesus christ, the object is to buy LOW and sell high, not the other way around Fly.

  5. Dr Fly

    I’m up 2 from basis. But since we are in the subject, pray tell me, when is a good time to buy a winner?

    I’ll wait for your wisdom

    • I Am Jesse Livermore
      I Am Jesse Livermore

      Certainly not when the weekly RSI is at 80, which is what SLCA is at now.

      Or when a stock is up 98% since the SPX bottomed in early Feb. And insiders are dumping the stock like crazy.

      This is the exact same thing you did w/WDAY, YELP, FEYE, SPLK etc. Chased big winners.

      • djmarcus

        This is why comments should be closed.

        • I Am Jesse Livermore
          I Am Jesse Livermore

          Why? So no one can post an opposing viewpoint? And it’s nothing but an echo chamber? Sound logic idiot.

        • frog

          lol @ when you called him an idiot

        • djmarcus

          Every “peer” you name is either barely profitable or unprofitable, growing revenue at 20-30% (or more in some cases). SLCA, on the other hand, already is profitable and is growing earnings by 50%+ in the next few years. They are in a red hot industry, backed by an energy revolution ongoing in the U.S., where IMMENSE capital inflow is being seen. Their product and locations, as well as their scale and relationships, give them competitive advantage on competitors. They have pricing power and great operating leverage. They trade at a ’16 P/E multiple of 11x. For a business with such fantastic tailwinds and is in the sweet spot, this can EASILY double.

          Now, let’s go back to your borderline retarded argument.

          “RSI at 80” – pray tell, why would this be?

          “Up 98%” – so don’t buy a stock because other have been buying it?

        • The Fly


          He only knows charts.

    • uglyflint

      ANYTIME !

  6. fryguy

    IMO, you can add HCLP and SLCA to the bubble basket. If you want to play the shales, look to the pipelines (contractors not owners)

    • djmarcus

      Are you referring to MLPs specifically? Or c-corp pipes? Many MLPs have lesser than expected upside (contracted out for years, 8-10+); minimal commodity exposure (usually mainly contracted out)

  7. I Am Jesse Livermore
    I Am Jesse Livermore


    ““Up 98%” – so don’t buy a stock because other have been buying it?”

    No, you exercise some patience and buy strong stocks on pullbacks. Not when it’s massively overbought.

    And did you really think I was using cloud/saas internet stocks as comparable “peers” to a drilling supplier? Those were merely to illustrate Fly chasing big winners at highs instead of waiting for an entry point with a good risk/reward and defined downside.

    And lastly, you mad bro?

  8. Marc David

    Changing the subject – What was the Fly’s 1st actual non-family paying job?

  9. ironbird

    Do the ISM numbers matter? Have they ever mattered? Trying to get a sense of the fuck up today.

  10. bluestar

    RICE:Rice energy. Long term buy and hold

  11. Cascadian

    Any place without an oil derrick is pretty much wasted space.

  12. I Am Jesse Livermore
    I Am Jesse Livermore

    bluestar, ugly candle in RICE today.

    • bluestar

      I have zero opinion on next 3 months of price action. I am talking the next three years. Best.

  13. Juice

    apparently god is an oil man