Monday, December 5, 2016
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Cause for Grande Celebratory Exchanges

Congratulations to me: my year to date losses are now just 29%.

Thanks to the move in XON, I’ve cut down my losses to under 30%, which is entirely woeful by any standard north of Mexico. Go ahead and short the markets. Fall victim to your own idiocy, tricked again by the action in TLT. Let me remind you that TLT is going up because of foreign money and not because we are heading toward catastrophe.

Right now I am focused on two stocks: XON and JAZZ. I am looking over my lists (extra Santa) for new stocks to buy, ones that go higher and make people rich. As soon as I figure this stuff out, you’ll be the last to know.


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  1. clegger_2000

    … the most annoying form of “goodbye”.

  2. Marc David

    I was saying a lot of Ciao these last 10 days. It grew on me. I liked the EU style of living and “working.” Wake up, drink coffee. Eat lunch. Send email. Drink coffee. Go home.

  3. the unbeliever
    the unbeliever

    XON looks like a great find Fly, may you recover at least half your losses on that name.

    By the way, how come you’re posting YTD losses w/o selling these names?

    • Dr. Fly


      I tried to understand your note, but failed.

      • the unbeliever
        the unbeliever

        Was just wondering if you sold some positions at an additional gain which reduced your losses – you haven’t sold any JAZZ or XON, have you?

        • Dr. Fly

          Sold QQQ yesterday

        • moonshot

          If I may endeavor to clarify, I expect that unbeliever is under the impression your gains and losses are referring to realized gains and losses, and not unrealized. I expect your numbers above include unrealized.

  4. Dr. Fly

    Also, let me remind you it’s impossible to recover “half my losses” in XON, since it’s one of 10 core positions. It is, however, my largest holding.

  5. weezy1

    I wonder what made The Fly successfull in the beginning. Maybe he should use that process. When you become rich do you just buy anything and hope it goes up? JAZzZ almost overbought

  6. fxtradepro

    Gold, Oil and Bonds are speaking to you right now…..caveat emptor

  7. jon v

    Would you believe me if I told you YELP will be worth $600 by 2018?

  8. blackalgo

    I reiterate my call from 10 days ago now that it was time to get long. I moved into my first levered position for the year at that time. Enjoying the fruits of it but twitter has been lagging but making up for it today.

  9. Mr. Partridge

    Long Jazz also…
    wow that DUST and DGAZ trade as a monster.. checking blood pressure lol

  10. fifty2weekhi

    Fly, what do you think of $EGRX at this level, nearing the inflection point? I am long and breaking even after averaging down at lower level. TIA!

  11. smartestone

    Let me remind you that TLT is going up because of foreign money and not because we are heading toward catastrophe.

    I agree 100%. The world is awash with so much liquditiy that it’s psing all asst rices higher. Long TLT is lke a roxy for global liquadity and a hedge aginst volatility. Even the smallect hiccup overseas, the smallest downtick in the SPX sends it rocketing higher. Foreigners, funds, institutions just cannot get enoough of our debt.