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But Why Are Commodities Higher?

I got to admit, I was tricked into thinking today would be a good day. I am looking at wheat, corn, oil, gold, silver, even coal, and they’re all higher. Treasuries were down earlier today and tech looked great. So, I bought more IFON and FEYE, thinking “what could go wrong?”

Apparently, everything.

The world is now on the brink of destruction. This is a double blue blazer market, folks. For those of you who’ve been around for awhile, you know exactly what that portends.

I am now down more than 1% for the day, yet I feel so complacent. It’s as if I were actually making money. Can you imagine that, making money in stocks?! Pffff.

Give war a chance, people. It’s not all that bad, aside from the occasional casualty.

Oh, by the way, retarded investors of America: when gold and silver trade higher, that’s BOOLISH for the pawn shops, since they hold more than Fort Knox and initiate loans based upon the collateral of personal jewelry, which happens to be gold.

Back to my electric chair.

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  1. The Next New Cat Thing

    Next week the VIX touches 19 and the PPT touches 2.39.

    Then we POUNCE!

  2. Nice, Nextcat… As for commodities, the breakfast twins, coffee and sugar, are getting creamed.

  3. GILD looks pretty sweet right here.

  4. Here is timeless commodity