Tuesday, December 6, 2016
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Help Needed For My Blogroll

I’ve made a decision to engage with other writers of sites on the internets. For too long, I’ve been a recluse, a hermit of sorts, only showing myself here and on Twitter. I don’t feel other writers aren’t as good and talented as I am, I know it to be true. Nevertheless, give me a list of websites that should be added to my blogroll. Ignore me at your own peril.

Top quality only, thanks.


This is what I have so far.



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  1. flyaway18

    What the hell are you talking about? If we give a shit about these other sites we will find them, we don’t need more distractions on the site. Get over it. Geezus Christ.

  2. chivo

    When are you going to let other bloggers compete for 3 months!?!?

  3. The Fly

    Thanks. Keep them coming.

  4. flyaway18

    I’ve never met a bunch of bigger pussies on this goddamn thread. We are in a bull market and stocks are making amazing moves, and my guess is all the pussies who usually post here aren’t even involved. Vertigo, I left you a message on Fly’s last thread. God dammit, post your trades and why on the site and give peopel something to fucking talk about!

  5. Sikander

    Actually you need this one as well:


  6. DaveyNC

    Eddy Elfenbein at http://www.crossingwallstreet.com/

    DynamicHedge at http://dynamichedge.com/

    This guy used to be pretty good, but hasn’t posted anything in a while: http://www.robertsinn.com/ :;

  7. Zag

    Broker A!

  8. Zag

    I made comment with some links but I got filtered I think?

  9. buylo


  10. MOOBS

    Bill Cara caracommunity.com

  11. The Sax

    How is it possible http://3ddhedgeinvestments.wordpress.com/ did not make the short list?! He made all the changes you asked of him AND MORE!

    • Creditspread23

      Thanks “The Sax” I appreciate your kind comments immensely.
      Yes, I made all the changes and more, and would love for “The Fly” to reconsider his initial grading, and possibly make it on the short list. I have great respect for “The Fly” and his team at iBankcoin.com

  12. The Fly

    Some of these suggestions are good, most are disgraceful.

    It’s like revealing you are an avid reader of hardcore pornographic site’s to your wife at Thanksgiving dinner.

    Have a little decency when you come into these halls.

    I insist.

  13. bobbin4apples

    Get a 15 min spot on NPR.

  14. Bob the Builder

    whopperinvestments.com – interesting microcap ideas, not fit for allocating large sums of money, however.

  15. Tonka

    This may be a little out of your range of what you want to cover, but Cullen Roche over at http://www.pragcap.com is one of the best macro minds out there.

    He started a consulting firm this past year that bars him from specifically talking about investing strategy and portfolio construction. But the macro views have been dead on since he started the site.

  16. Po Pimp

    Tim Knight? Are you fucking shitting me?

  17. Spicule

    Might be a bit stodgy “professorish” for you, but I like A Dash of Insight for unbiased weekly review of economic data with a take on how it helps you see the forest for the trees and calling out bogus forecasters and talking heads talking shit.

  18. kohai


    Well written and thoughtful, I like Jesse.


    Also Gary Tanashian @ Notes from the Rabbit Hole.


    Thank you sir, appreciate seeing everyone’s suggestions.

  19. Carlo Zamboni




    and for recreational (non-market) reading that’s fascinatingly insightful and sometimes deliciously vulgar: http://thelastpsychiatrist.com/

  20. theedge111

    A bit arrogant eh Fly?

    Many of those bloggers are as accomplished if not more than you.

    Just add them if you read ’em. Don’t act like it’s an honor for them to be added.

  21. Fly

    I have no way of quantifying the net worth of these bloopers, comparing it to mine. But I can read and their prose is substandard.

    If you enjoy that sort of thing, good for you. Many people enjoy burger king.

    However, never tell me how I should comport myself in my own home.

    Look at the top hats in the header image. Don’t you see how distinguished I am?

    The edge has captured my wrath. Therefore, in return, he gets a full site ban.

    See Greg Solomom.

  22. theedge111

    So net worth is how you quantify peoples worth on the internet?

    If that’s true you are a sad man my friend. I have deep respect for many bloggers and your are one of my top few.

    A gentlemen in a top hat would respect the work of others. Your ego does not reflect these beliefs.

    • The Fly

      Not at all. You are the one who said, and I quote “Many of those bloggers are as accomplished if not more than you.”

      Making mountains out of mole hills seems to be your thing. I will accommodate you.

  23. i Bergamot

    I’m surprised nobody put up this one:
    One of the best all-around sites.


    But “Slope”? Really? I have been tracking it for months – he is consistently on a wrong side of the tape, although it was couple of years ago. Not sure what he is up to now.

  24. i Bergamot

    And how could I forget:
    If you like Mish, you’ll love this one

  25. jeff


  26. Po Pimp


  27. Artemis

    No blog but worthwhile link. http://www.marketwatch.com I guess that we are within a few % of a top here. Gartman and Marc Faber and a few other Bears prevent having almost 100% Bulls here.

  28. maineman


  29. Mitchell Brown

    eWallstreeter.com Featured Page

  30. Stupid Tim

    Tim Knight! BWAHAHAHAH. That hilarious.

  31. chivo

    I forgot http://aswathdamodaran.blogspot.com/

    Aswath Damodaran is a professor in the MBA program @ NYU and even lets you partake in some of his classes for free (watch the lecture, do the work on your own over the internet)

    And, he is a fantastic value investor who is more than capable of expressing his very detailed ideas to the reader

  32. Too many

    Google reader… Then I just go through like a dozen or so named in there via rss

  33. William

    Calafia Beach Pundit. Great economics posts. Link:


  34. ChinoXL

    My favorite. The blog is not updated on a daily basis, but when it is udpated, it is updated with subtance.

  35. David Miller

    Dynamic Hedge regularly posts updates on a very good market timing model and his observations on the market are spot on.

    The Aleph Blog – David Merkel is a great value investor.

  36. Eric

    Stock Option Assassin focuses on technical analysis for swing trading mainly for directional option plays on stocks and ETFs. MTS members enjoy daily post market analysis videos, intraday trade alerts, and a growing library of trading techniques.
    The best part of all. NO BULLSHIT!

  37. etfpivottrader

    Dave Fry provides good daily market recap through the lens of ETFs. His sarcasm is Fly-esque.


    On a side note, is this one of your subsidiaries?