Rely On Your Government


Every election day Americans draw from the worst luck, choosing people who are the very worst at managing affairs of state, perverts and scoundrels–corrupted by money and power. Those votes are going to produce a catastrophic event one day–that much is guaranteed.

Starting March 1st, massive cuts in government spending will take place–not because the GOP are hell bent on wrecking the economy–but because Obama is unable to lead. You’re unable to lead. I’m unable to lead. We’re all unable to lead.

It’s too easy to blame the pesky republicans for the sequestration. After all, their demands are very sensible: saving the US economy from eventual destruction.

They feel, in their learned wisdom, that balancing spending versus income is the only path to long term, sustainable, solvency. Everyone else wants cocaine chuck wagons–mainly because their heart isn’t into the nationalist movement. Most people don’t care about future debts, since they’ll be dead.

Chiefly, stock market gains muffle the mortal illness that afflicts America– assuaging market participants to willfully accept and clamor for the lethal path.

It’s the entitlement generation/disease who purports this dangerous/selfish way of thinking.

Rely on your government to meddle in your lives, wrecking your investment prospects. Compromises will not be made, because we are led by a pack of wolves whose ideologies are financed by people who want to destroy America, rather than see it thrive for another 237 years.

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  1. Meanwhile the Chinese are hacking into the PPT trying to steal your algorithms

  2. Fly are you grumpy this morning?

  3. Any reduction in the rate of increase is a massive cut. But no worries, we have a magic president.

  4. but QE is good…

  5. Anyone heard or read, “The Creature From Jekyll Island”?

    This link : ( the author talking about his findings in a shorter version)

    It’s about creating money out of thin air and then leveraging it so that $1 dollar turns into $9…

  6. Its really NOT to easy to blame the Republicans, as they are the party of death and destruction. They say no to everything and shit all over the plebian class. real patriotic gentlemen.

    • And what exactly do you think the democrats stand for? Long term prosperity?

      Get real.

      • I don think the Democrats are any better, sans Bill Clinton. However, the Republicans have done everything to destroy everyone besides the 1% its ridiculous. Usually, as evidenced by history, when you pull moves like this you should do it underground. Now these guys do it freely with reckless abandon. Economies are grown by a middle class, not a everwidening wealth disparity gap of poor and rich.

    • 7.8%. As far as the eye can see. That’s what always saying yes will get you.

    • Bobbin, you’ve held your head under water for too long and your discernment is impaired. Time to get your head out of the tub. :)

  7. this sequester is nothing. 85billion is not that big of deal, futher more it is on spending increases not cuts.

  8. Sorry Bobbin, comment was meant for Harper. Computer scrolled on me and I say the associated the wrong name with the post that was supposed to be the subject of my acerbically laced comment.

    Harper, time to put down the fairy harp and start learning to strum dueling banjo’s. Them Republican boy’s are a comin’ fer ya. The only choice is to take it dry or lubed with QE.

    Either way, you,we, are all screwed because to day of reckoning will come. It’s just math and confidence in the ponzi scheme called fiat currency.

  9. Raise taxes, Raise spending

    Sigh, here we go again…

    “It’s too easy to blame the pesky republicans for the sequestration. After all, their demands are very sensible: saving the US economy from eventual destruction.”…as long as the extremely wealthy are not required to do their part.

    The Republican motto is “Give more to those who already have too much, and take away from those who have too little.”

  10. I’ll be grateful if you continue this in future. Many people will be benefited from your writing.

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