Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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Another one of my former holdings soared this morning, APKT. Why even begin to think about it? Oh, and another thing, it makes no sense to buy EXFO or SONS off the buyout. If anything, Larry Ellison will buy MLNX next. After all, ORCL owns 8% of the company.

The market’s are selling off, after Italian markets plunged–down more than 3%. As a result, every single one of my holdings are lower, a phenomenon only matched by the ineptitude of the Godaddy advertising department.

As I write this, WETF went green, so I am saved. Nevertheless, it’s dreadful out there. We are going to need some moar Federal Reserve stimulus. I just can’t bear losing so much money in the market’s. Can you?

BEN MUST ACT NOW and bail out the market. We aren’t supposed to endure a downward spiraling tape, are we? The nerve of these politicians, as they dine on caviar and the brains of goats, to expect us, the people, to suffer unimaginable horrors at the hands of short sellers.

Obama must do something, try some stimulus spending and force people to buy luxury goods and eat at exorbitant restaurants.

All I know is this, if they don’t act soon, like today, there isn’t gonna be a country left to buy luxury garments in anymore. Quit your pussyfooting Mr. Bernnake and ACT NOW!!!

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  1. acehood

    tongue in cheek?

  2. Apostrophe Police

    sirens on

  3. msco

    Only one dissenter on the Fed board this time. Ben cannot be stopped.

  4. Freebie

    Wait – VHC, WETF and NIHD are all green now.

  5. Cascadian

    Hey Ben!

    Unemployment is not down to 6.5% Yet!!!!!

  6. Tilly

    Good time to buy FBHS?

  7. noodleboy

    mkt can go ahead and crash.
    I’m shorting this shit.

  8. Mufflover

    Send Mrs Fly to the shopping mall with the Black card!

  9. Mr.Partridge

    Eurotrash toasted this morning … EPV is in play

  10. JTU

    BBRY and DECK were upgraded today! Thanks to them I am above water.

  11. JTU

    European markets down over 3% today! Scary!