The Ultimate Anti-$AAPL


You want olde school? I am going to give it to you.

Over the past month we’ve all seen shares of NOK and RIMM soar, as AAPL dropped like a stone. The stock exchange, in its infinite wisdom, has declared the Apple fad to be over, in exchange for crappy cellular phone devices–built by sub-standard engineers.

I give you the crappiest cell phone on the planet.

NEXTEL LATIN AMERICA, walkie- talkie and all.

How fantastic!

Que bueno!


Some loser from SeekingAlpha did a very stuffy analysis as to why the sum of parts are worth more than the current share price. That’s a waste of time if you ask me.

This is about one thing and one thing only: who is the ultimate anti-apple? I reckon the retarded Nextel phone steals the crown.

Considering 40% of the shares are sold short, this little piece of garbage can mosey on up to $10 in a flash. Hence, I am long about 100,000 shares.

BTW: The ticker symbol is NIHD.

12 Responses to “The Ultimate Anti-$AAPL”

  1. Fantastico!

  2. Love the idea and the use of images in this post.

  3. Yo Dawg!
    Shout out to your Bro for another drive by escape.
    Rick Ross has more lives than a cat in a sausage factory in China Town.

  4. Teflon coated brass balls

  5. Cup & handle?

  6. Those are some good phones.

  7. I really miss that 100 decibel Nextel CHIIRRPP!! followed by equally obnoxious Spanish gibberish.

  8. I fucking love the Fly. This post is glorious

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