Saturday, December 10, 2016
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The Ultimate Anti-$AAPL

You want olde school? I am going to give it to you.

Over the past month we’ve all seen shares of NOK and RIMM soar, as AAPL dropped like a stone. The stock exchange, in its infinite wisdom, has declared the Apple fad to be over, in exchange for crappy cellular phone devices–built by sub-standard engineers.

I give you the crappiest cell phone on the planet.

NEXTEL LATIN AMERICA, walkie- talkie and all.

How fantastic!

Que bueno!


Some loser from SeekingAlpha did a very stuffy analysis as to why the sum of parts are worth more than the current share price. That’s a waste of time if you ask me.

This is about one thing and one thing only: who is the ultimate anti-apple? I reckon the retarded Nextel phone steals the crown.

Considering 40% of the shares are sold short, this little piece of garbage can mosey on up to $10 in a flash. Hence, I am long about 100,000 shares.

BTW: The ticker symbol is NIHD.

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  1. clegger_2000


  2. Dubz

    Love the idea and the use of images in this post.

  3. TraderCaddy

    Yo Dawg!
    Shout out to your Bro for another drive by escape.
    Rick Ross has more lives than a cat in a sausage factory in China Town.

  4. ruggyup

    Teflon coated brass balls

  5. Cascadian

    Cup & handle?

  6. Narwahl

    Those are some good phones.

  7. Narwahl

    I really miss that 100 decibel Nextel CHIIRRPP!! followed by equally obnoxious Spanish gibberish.

  8. mhass33

    I fucking love the Fly. This post is glorious