Don’t Worry, Help is On the Way


Good news everyone. It appears the Algerian hostage “situation” has been “resolved.” All of the terrorists (15) are dead– as well as the hostages (35). But at least the natural gas facility has been returned to its rightful owners and law, plus order, has been restored. Perhaps the gents over in Algeria took a page out of the Waco, Texas playbook in learning how to properly deal with a hostage “scenario.”

Futures are sharply higher this fine, glorious, morning. On the bones of hercules himself, we’re all going to make lots of money today. Most of us will wear bowed ties and take our families out for “steak dinners” this evening, in order to properly celebrate today’s market wins. A small minority of you will sit at home watching Youtube videos, swearing to the almighty himself that the entire town of Newtown is one giant fiction, created by Hollywood to strip Texans of their pistols.

Some of you are very ill, indeud.

The Japanese yen is on the decline again, further validating my robust opinions that the Samurai nation of Japan is the single best developed stock market in the world right now. HMC and SNE are my top picks, alongside Yahoo Japan and NMR.

13 Responses to “Don’t Worry, Help is On the Way”

  1. Steak dinner tonight for sure. I’ll drink a couple of Manhattans as well……

  2. Why wait for dinner? Steak lunch sounds good to me.

  3. xxxHuggieBearxxx

    i like how crude is back up to 95….we are inflating like the good old days.

  4. Did you mean Steaked dinners?

  5. rgr destroying swhc again today. making me sick

  6. I am awaiting confirmation from Al Jazeera on this matter. I bought YCS to play the Yen – nothing against Hondas.

  7. I am confused by the PM stocks (not really,I now they suck big like 0bama phones).
    Just like yesterday, the physicals come off their lows into positive territory and yet the PM stocks wander around in negative territory.
    Buy this crap at your own risk.

    • Sorry, “know”.
      Feb. 4 I go in for an eye operation and my spelling will be better then (maybe).

      • Follow DUST – if you can develop a little “feel” for it, it is good for a quick in & out profit.

        • I have followed both DUST and NUGT and could never do anything with them.
          It would help if I was automated because the spreads are too “wide” for day trading and move like a 3X etf should.
          I have had success just going long and short GDX and GDXJ as the spreads are tighter and it’s a little more predictable for me.

  8. Lawrence of Arabia could of pulled of a more successful mission on camels than the Algerian Commando Squad with its surplus traffic helicopters.

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