Saturday, December 3, 2016
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Both Silver and Solar Have One Thing in Common

They are retarded in their own rights.

As an industry, solar is now up 12% for the day, likely due to some government mandate to affix solar panels to all fire trucks.

Conversely, silver is down about 3% as an industry on false rumors and propaganda that the Fed might end QE infinity sometime 2013. If people would think for a moment and realize it’s virtually impossible for the unemployment rate to fall below 6.5%, they’d hold onto their gold/silver stocks.

EXK is a buy down here and SPWR is a sell.

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  1. acehood

    Correct. A made up, meaningless and manipulated number cannot fall that far, no matter what King Big Ears dictates.

  2. Cris

    I’m on the same thinking as you fly , glad you posted this.

    Lack of conviction over gold/silver because of daily actions.

    Thanks for the post

  3. TraderCaddy

    Steepening yield curve=better earnings for Banks.
    Borrow at the low end and lend at the higher end.
    Check out KRE etf (regional bank etf). It has been ticking higher all afternoon.

  4. JTU

    I own EXK at much higher prices and although I would love to see it go through the roof, the one chart on this stock don’t look so good!

  5. TraderCaddy

    PM stocks suck and have not acted like they should over the years as they did in 1970s- 2002(3).
    Poorly run, higher costs and etfs like GLD sucking in the investor $$.
    At these metals prices they should be trading as a double-minimum.
    They keep going down so there is a problem. Hope for higher prices is a losing game.

  6. JR

    With QE coming to an end….Bwaaaaahaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaa

    *wipes tear from eye*

    perhaps PMs are dead……

    What a hoot. The economy is suddenly on sound footing and reckless printing can come to an end. Wait until the 30 Year Fixed hits 5% or higher. We’ll see what kind of “recovery” this truly is…..

  7. theedge111

    Still surprised that they discussed ending QE in the Fed Minutes. Bonds selling off on the news.

  8. phileo99

    One of Buffet’s companies (MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co) bought 2 major solar projects from SPWR.
    Also, SPWR got an analyst upgrade.
    The proverbial 1-2 punch!

  9. UglyFlint

    I’m in TGLDX. My ass is sore.

  10. francesco

    spwr will fuck much higher from here .. come back in the summer and see were it is / along with fslr trending up and major solar orders in the cards..