Manipulation Taking Place in the Shares of $VHC


There is a group of people purposely manipulating the share price of VHC lower, using an already illiquid stock as a piggy bank by sending it lower with a flurry of 100 share orders. Regularly, I don’t make a big deal about stock manipulation because it’s part of the game. But this is too much to ignore and feel like exposing some people.

Should you know the names of the people who are doing this, feel free to email me at Flybroker at or leave a comment.

Ultimately, they’re going to lose in grotesque fashion. In the meantime, I intend to find out who is doing it and make life difficult for them.

33 Responses to “Manipulation Taking Place in the Shares of $VHC”

  1. that’s a good thing FLY. It means they want they stock so bad that they will do anything to shake everyone out.

  2. Seriously! Bout time we stand up and fight these crooks. I say you start out by going after Herb Greenberg; I am sure he knows a couple of these criminals.

  3. everthing is manipulated .. wall street is all about hft and 100 pieces show / orders

  4. It’s probably that same group of funds that make their living off laying on the offer and hitting bids with 100 share prints on small cap stocks that have little analyst coverage. Fuckers are brutal.

  5. One of the oldest games in the book…good luck to you.

  6. For once, the devil had nothing to do with it.

    evil as it is.


    Chuck Bennett

  7. A lot of activity of late in the out of the money options. Is someone pinning the stock to make an option play?

  8. The Earl of Muff

    Actually I think it’s your thousands of readers, each with a bullshit 5 figure account selling their 100 shares

  9. I am one of the unfortunate 7% who bought a small position of TZA at the close yesterday and again at the open today. It represents about 4% of my total portfolio so I have a small wager that the market pulls back from here.
    In a couple of weeks those assholes in government will be discussing the debt ceiling. There is no way that they will arrive at a resolution without causing volitility in the markets once again.
    I got a little lucky today and sold out of my MCP at 11.34, at that point it was up 20% for the day.
    I remain 37% cash and 4% TZA.

  10. They can only manipulate for so long….

  11. Freddy Fishsticks

    What is the theory on doing this? Drive the price down so you can then go long in size at some moment? Or buy calls?

    If you are so sure that the stock will go up, why not just buy the stock and/or calls and avoid the transaction fees and opportunity cost of your traders’ time?

    • Freddy Fishsticks

      And wasn’t VHC just featured on Cramer? 100 shares seems perfect for the “home gamers” @ $30 per share.

  12. Perhaps Daddy Warbucks has a master Plan to buy out said Co. And hold all the “Apples” in one fell swoop

  13. I’m sure the SEC is looking into all this. They’ll have it solved in no time.

  14. You might check with the guys at Nanex. They cover this HFT boondoggle stuff better than anyone.

  15. jimmy_two_times

    Start with Hank !!

  16. Do you have an algorithm which searches and destroys manipulators domain?

  17. @gravestonedoji

    It’s an operation being run out of a congressional lobbyist’s office as a sideshow with staffers executing trades out of dead end accounts. They have a network that has access to DOJ and inside the legal system. The real money is fronted by the DC lobbyist(s) with kickbacks to at least one DC pol. Congressional staffers and lawyers are able to wet their beaks by helping execute trades as needed and to provide a place to park trades and money. You know who you are and someday everyone else will.

  18. Sucks taking some of your own medicine doesn’t it?

    How many short squeezes have you help create based on zero fundamentals using your algo?

    Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. Just sayin.

    • why not ask chessNwine about what to do ..he seems like the only one doing shit right, After all VHC is making a higher low on daily, weekly and monthly- JUST BUY MORE at A CHEAPER PRICE

      • its only a matter of time before this shit pops..Damm your’re starting to sound like a politician by trying to scare people.

  19. idk stochastic is about to pop so any manipulation on the short side would be squeezed out.

  20. The return of the distinguished Mr. DevilDog?

  21. jfahmy on Stocktwits
    Dec. 27 at 12:12 PM
    “Don’t be concerned about a deal happening & missing a rally. Consider a deal NOT happening & the market correcting #ThinkDefense $$”

    Gotta luv this guy.

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