Saturday, December 3, 2016
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I’m trying to mellow out after booking a 7 figure loss in SWHC.  It wasn’t working before Sandybrook. It was going to be my top idea for 2013, poised to crrrush earnings estimates from here until 2014. Instead, I had to sell it. You might think I am upset over having to sell it–but I’m not.

Stocks are like women when you’re a teenager, interchangeable. I don’t need to hold XYZ when ABC is looking damn good.

After taking SWHC off the books, my EXK position took on water, as silver and gold got hit. I warned you about owning gold and silver into a mature rally. People sell them to buy high growth stocks, like VMW and RAX. Gold and silver should be bought at the depths of a sell off into the initial reflation move higher. I’m in EXK for longer than a month, so dealing with the volatility is part of the waiting game.

Everything else went straight up, spearheaded by my BZH, killer bees putting bears into emergency rooms. My largest position, VHC, lifted, as well as CROX, FB, NAK and ADTN.

I started positions in HMC, RS and AAPL today, opinionated with strong emotions that Japan is going to lead all world indices higher in 2013.

One last thing, SAFM smashed earnings last night. Look for BIG Q1, 2013 numbers out of protein plays PPC and SFD.


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  1. zzzdoc

    Would you buy SWHC again if it continues lower, or the moral connotations are too strong to even consider it?


  2. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    My index funds are beating my indv stocks. I thought buy and hold was dead. IJR for the win.

    • The Eye-Talian Stallion
      The Eye-Talian Stallion

      Thackray’s 2013 Investor’s Guide notes that the Russell 2000 Small Cap Index outperforms the Russell 1000 Big Cap Index from Dec. 19 to March 7. The Russell 2000 Index has gained in 26 of the past 33 periods for an average gain per period of 5.7 per cent. It also outperformed the Russell 1000 Index by an average of 3.2 per cent per period.

  3. RussianDoc

    bro take it easy, you will be fine, we have all been there done that, still living and surviving 😀

  4. Anton

    Fly –
    How often do you update clients about the stocks in your fund?

  5. Raul3

    Chicken ARISE!

  6. Laurenzo666

    It’s a pity not to invest, after last week demonstration of the efficiency of their products.

    No wonder that sales go up.

  7. Twinkle Toes

    Be a man and tell us the percent loss. 7 digit loss is meaningless. It simply means you are trying to dazzle the dopes.

  8. heaterman

    …..Reading on the previous post about government watching you…..

    Treu story.
    I know a guy up in Traverse City who is a charter boat operator. He and buddies were in a bar unwinding and while talking about the upcoming election (2008 vintage) he spouted off something along the lines of “the only good N****R is a dead N****R.” whilst speaking about the current occupant of the oval office.

    The next morning at a little before 6AM 3 black Suburbans pulled up to his house. An entourage of black suited men with funny bulges under their coats came to his door and “interviewed” him. They told him he should watch how he talks among other things and told him during the night his life history had been very thoroughly investigated. They knew which sock he put on first in the morning and what brand of underwear he bought kind of thing. Scared the piss out of him.

    The walls have ears….or an 0 lover in the bar did……

    • Po Pimp

      This not a new revelation. if you make threats against the Pres then expect someone to poke around in your shit.

      This guy was a moron for talking shit like that in a public place.

  9. heaterman

    SWHC and RGR already rebounding after market hours. Those who like to bank coin are smelling green here.

  10. @crazyfasteddy

    AAPL what does Del Fly see here?