Saturday, December 10, 2016
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What a Wonderful, Meaningless, Melt Up

The classic early morning pump. Let’s see if this stupid market can hold its gains until 4. Don’t mind me, really. I am extremely bitter, upset at myself for making a series of jackass mistakes. It will all come together soon and I will be enjoying new highs. But it’s the process, the anticipation, that truly taxes my patience.

More importantly, early polling data suggests both Rhino and Chuck are locks for tomorrow’s election. However, the 3rd spot is still up for grabs. Perhaps one of the candidates would like to allege sexual improprieties or financial malfeasance?

I’ve been spending my days dealing with HVAC guys, talking to stupid people, laughing at how petty they all are. It’s amazing what these people will say for an extra 100 bucks. They’re all liars and thieves, offering amateurish sales pitches for dumb shit. Aside from that, I am back to working late hours, sleeping less than 4 hours per night. I view excessive sleep as something a slothish creature of mediocrity might partake in.

Speaking of which, may the Gods of lightening reduce me into a pile of ashes if SWHC doesn’t trade up sharply from these levels. My holdings were down another 1% yesterday, but have regained 1% this morning. I have no doubt that all of my stocks, especially VHC, will give up their gains by the end of the day. I’ve told you before and I will say it again, I am cursed and need to “obtain more karma” in order to get back to my winning ways.


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  1. TraderCaddy

    Okay, I’ll get the ball rolling.
    I heard a rumor that Chuck Bennett and Rhino were secretly married (not that there is anything wrong with that) a couple of days ago at midnight in Washington when the gay marriage law took effect.
    The bride wore a lovely white sleeved dress with ruffles.

    PS Make sure the HVAC people put all new line sets in- none of that purging crap, especially with the new 410A refrigerant.
    And yes, they are thieves and crooks.

  2. francesco

    I figured out i had to go all in a weak ago when mr fly was panicking about fiscal cliff

  3. ecchymosis

    Just don’t look at VHC on a daily basis. We will let you know when it’s triple digits.

  4. Marc David

    “3rd spot up for grabs.”

    Looks that way doesn’t it.

  5. klaus

    We need someone like John Lee he was one of the best bloggers out there, bring him back Mr FLY

  6. Cascadian

    HVAC guys have always told me I need a whole new system.

  7. joe

    someone tell adam parker from MS that spx will not be closing at 1160 this year

    personally, i think he was just a year early

  8. flyaway18

    What’s up with TROX, I own a little at lower prices and can’t find any news on why it’s up today.