Pre-election Polling Data


On wednesday, held at midnight, the global audience of iBankCoin will elect its next 3 tabbed bloggers. Said bloggers go into the task with a 99.99% probability of being fired within 3 months, discarded like deformed babies in ancient Sparta. Nevertheless, there are 6 men who intend to curry your favour.

Pray tell me, as of right now, who will you vote for?



Chuck Bennett

For your information: Elected bloggers will be required to maintain a 3% share of overall site traffic, else be subject to mustache removal and instant firing at the end of their 3 month trial. At that time, new elections will be held to replace the deceased, mustacheless failed blogger(s). The bloggers from the Blogger Network do have a lower profile than the tabbed bloggers, being denizens of the less than attractive real estate of the site and without access to the iBankCoin corporate Twitter account. Nevertheless, here are the traffic stats for current contestants, as a percentage of overall site traffic, since the 1st of December.

RHINO 1.85%
Elizamae 0.37%
Raul3 0.33%
Chuck Bennett 0.22%
Maximus 0.22%
Dchsn6 0.14%

Hint: If you’re not using Twitter to promote your work, you’re a fucking idiot.

13 Responses to “Pre-election Polling Data”

  1. This way the candidates will know where they stand and can use the platform of iBC to make allegations against other candidates, sex scandals etc.

  2. I’ve been told they don’t like politics. That’s not how people get elected.

  3. Fly,
    Christmas gifts for friends and staff. They stole your idea.

  4. HINT:” If you are not using Twitter to promote your work…..”
    My only response to this is: You can lead a Horse to water
    Once he peered into the glistening pool his eyes beheld a great sight and he decided his mere presence was more of a gift than actual knowledge or insight he may or may not have

    Some of these “Gods” will need grief counseling shortly

  5. The Nymph is getting ready for Battle once again with her sidekick the USD. Each Battle with the Clam is getting easier and easier..I will have his spine in my hands ala Mortal Kombat at some point…oh and I voted too.

  6. In the two campaign videos posted, the voice over is done in a whispering style.

  7. tough love fm the godblogger

  8. Raul3 @ 0.33% coincidence? 2013 IS my year.

  9. Nice!

    Should I be elected I only need to gain 10x the amount of traffic to avoid having my mustache punched off…either that or write 20-30 articles/day.

  10. Further proof the Pope is no fucking idiot(not my words), he is now on Twitter. FWIW, he does not have a 3% share of my Twitter viewings.

  11. MCP- up over 7%!
    The squeeze continues!

  12. […] “If you’re not using Twitter to promote your work, you’re a f*** idiot” The Fly proclaimed in one of his post. […]

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