Friday, December 9, 2016
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Gather ’round the fireside for a little iBC history–youngsters.

When I started blogging, back in my government reported age of 29 (my actual age is in the thousands), we held elections all the time. Bloggers would be hired for weekend stints and they’d be fired shortly thereafter. That’s how I met Woodshedder, Ragin Cajun, Danny, Caine, Alphadawg, even my world famous programmer VINCENZO ILLUMINATI.

When iBankCoin was founded, I scouted the area for good writers. We had official elections back in 2008. Hell, we even made campaign videos for them. Have a look, some of them are my finest work.

Elections will begin Wednesday at midnight, lasting through midnight on Thursday.The top 6 vote getters will advance to the next round, where 3 will be chosen for probationary tabbed blogger status.

Thus far, these are the contestants (let me know if I am missing anyone).

Republicat (he dropped out and endorsed Rhino instead)
Young Gun
Chuck Bennett (The Devil’s Advocate)
The Letter P
BEAS (currently domiciled in South Ossetia)

I expect voters to educate themselves on the choices they will be required to make. And contestants should campaign hard for the spot, even covet the backing of current staff bloggers–if they so choose.

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  1. lav

    One man one vote or top 3 with 1 place vote counting as 3 points, etc, or vote as many times for your favorite as you want?

  2. surplusdroids

    BEAS hands down.

    Rag did not make the list?
    Rag where are you?

    Sahib Bilderberg’s personal attendant was hilarious as well.

  3. Maximus

    i can hook you all up with some sweet bloomberg terminals just let me know…MAXIMUS TERMINUS

  4. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    Screens, charts, analysis are for dorks. Theories are where the money is.

    • The Real Muppet

      “analysis [is] for dorks.” WTF. Where do you think usable theories come from? Probably dorks analyzing facts, some of which might be in graphical form (charts), occasionally using computers (screens).

      • The Eye-Talian Stallion
        The Eye-Talian Stallion

        Logics is all we need. One cannot chart political stupidity.
        For instance: “If a cat pisses on my rug, it will smell”. A pure logician will say “If a cat pisses on my rug, I will throw it away.”
        So “If taxes are raised $1.6T, then we will enter into a recession.” Or, “If taxes are raised $1.6T, I will sell all of my stocks.”

        • The Real Muppet

          If a cat pissed on a rug most normal people would do something about it: Either (a) have the rug cleaned (b) have the maid clean the rug (c) tell their mother n law to clean it on next visit (d) if the rug was ruined, throw it out. I’m not sure this would make them masters of logic but rather simply not insane.

          Also is taxes are raised by 1.6 trillion it will be over ten years and mostly back dated, so its difficult lose the Real Muppet’s cool over that.

          The Fly makes a big deal over the fiskal cliff because he wants to scare you and buy your shares at lower prices so the Fly can spend our retirement money on trinkets. The Fly is devious like that. He also uses screens, charts, and analysis to make decisions so he is clearly a dork and therefore can not be trusted.

  5. five-figure Zecco Account
    five-figure Zecco Account

    My account is blowin up!

  6. J. Livermore

    How much does the tabbed spot pay?

  7. J. Livermore

    I vote for…..the hot blonde with the incredible add in the “Google Banned” ad (upper right of this page).

  8. 4fl3x

    Put me down for The Ducat…

  9. Cascadian

    Do you have any kind of affirmative action program?

  10. The Fly

    Peace through banning

  11. fake amish

    Is it finally time to buy China stocks? And if so, how? Looking over bullshit etf’s is not helping.

  12. eagle

    $PXP pay day……………..