Thursday, December 8, 2016
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Major Changes Coming to iBankCoin

I know I’ve said it before and it loses it luster after so many proclamations; but I am in the market to acquire fresh blood, to be part of the “tabbed blogger” apparatus. If you want to write for iBC and be part of the most distinguished financial site the world has ever known, throw your hat in the ring and let it be known. If you are part of the blogger network, do a post. If you want to be invited to the blogger network, email and we will give you an invite. Or, email me directly at

Aside from the prestige, there is a monetary benefit from being part of the club.

NOTE: Readers and outside bloggers alike are welcomed to apply.

UPDATE: New bloggers will be decided by popular decree, a web poll vote for the masses.

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  1. Half Blood Pope


  2. Testicules

    Eddie Jones, buys of the day and whatnots

  3. Ducati

    Fly, I would like to blog for your site.

    Jog on,


  4. SteveTheNeighbor

    Musings and other Mishegas
    with Steve.
    Steve needs the gelt-lost the job making bagals and Steve, Jr. wants to go to Princeton

  5. ibrokecoin

    Fly, No offence to you but when I read your post, I feel like “barking dogs seldom bite”.

  6. Bullish

    Do you provide healthcare benefits? How bout a 401k?

  7. The Fly

    Whoever voted no is going to die.

  8. fake amish

    Ibankcoin could use a “evil wealthy fucker” blog. It can focus on politics and the incineration of the middle class by the coming hammer of socialism. As the dicksuckers get gang banged by the unsolved cliff then the massive tax hikes hidden in 0care.

    • fake amish

      The possible topics will be endless. Is section 8 the same as a rental? How do you deal with pride implosion the day you get the first ebt card? What do you do when the student loan goes in default but there is no bankrupcty protection? How do you deal with the fact you voted for this? Where do you find others like you?

    • Frog

      The middle class has already been incinerated by the .01%– folks like Romney. That’s why he lost the election. If you would stop watching Faux News you would already know that.

      • The Fly

        The middle class has been crushed by a fucked up government, not some rich guy building mansions, employing masons, contractors etc to build them for him.


      • Comrade Frog

        Yes.You are just stupid. Romney is a tool of the Capitalists unlike Obama who doesn’t take Wall Street money. Stop watching Faux News you stupid right winger.Watch MSNBC for the facts or just listen to me.

        • Frog

          Why don’t you get your own handle instead of stealing mine & adding Comrade? Or are you not bright enough to think of a handle of your own?

        • Comrade Frog

          No, I am a stupid right winger and have no respect for other people’s opinions.

  9. Heaterman

    Would love to see someone with the resources, connections and time blog about what is really in some of the proposals, legislation and bills circulating through our federal government. Half of what is currently published is tripe and the other half is so slanted one way or another that it is as useless as tits on a boar hog.

  10. Heaterman

    For example: Is it actually true that 0bama is now asking for authority to unilaterally manage, i.e. raise, the debt ceiling without approval of congress?

    EGAD! This should be all the impetus required for pitchforks and hand grenades held by angry patriots to descend on DC like a plague of locusts..

    • Frog

      It would be great if Obama could unilaterally raise the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling crisis last year was not about whether new spending should be authorized. It was about whether the U.S should pay its bills for programs that Congress had ALREADY authorized. Of course the U.S. should pay its bills. And also decrease spending but that is a totally different issue.

      The Republicans would like to have the power to cause another artificial “debt ceiling crisis” like the one last year, that resulted in the U.S. credit rating being downgraded, every few months. That would further cripple the economic recovery. The Repubs have been blocking needed stimulus, and everything else that would help the recovery, every chance they get, in order to make the Democrats look bad. But voters knew that the Repubs were doing this, so they voted for Obama again.

      Repubs– the party of blocking the economic recovery. I hope that they will not be allowed to continue to do this much longer.

  11. Billy B.

    I like that neighbor Steve guy. Good for a few laughs. Probably could learn a few things from him.

  12. jimmy_two_times

    will we be compensated like the lawyers used to be? by the word?

  13. The Fly

    I see some of you voted no. Little do you know, you will be voting whether you like it or not.

  14. Bilderberg Member
    Bilderberg Member

    Don’t worry Fly, I’ll be voting early and voting often.

  15. Brendan maye

    Vcutrader. I follow his trades from time to time. I don’t think I ever lost money.

  16. republicat

    RepubliCat has jumped into the water with a post for those of you who have yet to join the PPT or are skeptical of its usefulness to bring gains to your portfolio.

    The blog is titled “The PPT as Your Coaches in the Booth”