Thursday, October 27, 2016
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Loading Up a Silver Bullet

“Never bet against the guy in the fucking time machine.”

The PPT is flagging OVERBOUGHT for ZSL and OVERSOLD for a variety of silver/gold stocks, like EXK and NGD. And, to boot, UUP is flagging OVERBOUGHT on our 12 month algorithm (ranges are measured over 12 month time frame). Make no mistake, these flags are some of the most accurate indicators in the algorithm and have always made me money. Theoretically, I should be buying right here, right now. However, I am going to wait another day or two before stepping in, mainly due to the looming Greek crisis and Friday’s jobs numbers.




I don’t mind paying up for a high probability play.

Aside from that, I am still eying luxury names, like BID and LUX, waiting for a dip. And, I am long shit loads of VXX TITS and the TZA STEED.

Speaking of luxury, my TIF positions held up well today. I am expecting them to blow out earnings on 3/20.

Finally, CPST and ALJ have been sucking nuts. I have a lot of patience with CPST, proven by my 20% paper loss. With regards to ALJ, earnings are due on 3/8 and I expect them to not disappoint. As of right now, I am up a modest 0.25% for the day, with 60% of my assets held in cold hard cash, awaiting your margin liquidations.


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  1. clegger_2000

    Not mine good sir as I heed you advice. Indeud…

  2. Sooth Sayer

    I thought I saw you in McNaminey’s today. Of course, I didn’t, but it should be a lesson for you.

    I also thought a poem referenced your hairpiece (the one on display in your right leftmost room).

    It glowed with an iridescence not seen since the Big Bang. I put it under my pillow for safe keeping.

  3. donker

    yes CPST needs some time

    serious patience indeud


    LONG 100k CPST AVG 1.08

  4. JakeGint

    added 10k EXK as per PPT ($9.49)


  5. TMoe

    Hell yeah!!!!!!!

    DSCO gets approval from FDA

  6. Whaler31

    CNBC’c Bob Pisani set the stage for this yesterday, when he kept going on and on about the Dow not having a triple point decline this year.

    We have seen the tops.

  7. derpderp

    Stocks can fall more than 1%?

    • crazymoppo

      technically yes, but there is usually a bailout of some sort once it drops that much so it hardly matters.

  8. TMoe

    DSCO up 50% after hours.

  9. TheMarketAce

    Le Fly….what about $AG? Recent rundown would make me think that it is oversold as well. You had mentioned it on you list of possible buys before….thoughts?

  10. Whaler31

    Mar 06, 2012, 11:22 AM.Foreclosure Sales Flood Market.

    This is definitely happening in our area. We had a nice, gradual uptick in prices going on for about the last 10-12 months, then all of the sudden, the banks just started dumping properties.

    They are taking pennies on the dollar, as if they know those properties will only be going down in value.

    FDIC b.s. bank con job.

    • Hack

      Actually the banks settled with the Fed’s two weeks ago in an ongoing lawsuit so now they are free to short sell all of their underwater properties. Bernanke’s plan is to sell the houses in lots of 100,000 to speculators. Even Warren himself wishes he could buy a million homes. Bernanke envisions these homes “trickling” out to the public but if I am a bank I will get rid of them as fast as possible…

  11. FrankWhite

    Time for a Black Swan.

  12. Cindy Bindy

    ZNGA showed some large nuts today..

  13. Warren at the Buffet
    Warren at the Buffet

    A whimsical question for you, Monsieur Le Fly: what’s the correct pronunciation of indeud?

    After extended contemplation, I’m still torn as to whether it’d be “ind-oid” (as in ‘Freud’) or “in-dude” (as in ‘feud’), pal.


  14. JTU

    Picked up some DECK and FCX today and regret that I missed adding to my EXK when it hit $9.20 today. If it gets below $9.50 tomorrow, I’ll probably add.

  15. JTU

    Endeavour Silver Corp. Comments On Q4 2011 Guidance; Comments On Q4 2011 Production Guidance

    • Retrograde

      How do you think they will do in the 2nd Qtr
      of 2010?

      • JTU

        I have no idea. You’re better off asking Jake, however their CEO was on BNN today and said that their input costs would be less than last year.

  16. razorsedge

    was talkin to my gardener today he said, u can lead a whore to culture. just sayin. n fuck u guy who dont like my jokes thats funny i dont care who u r…;

  17. razorsedge

    clne, wprt. eog,,,

  18. JakeGint

    Bounce coming, I think… Dollar resistance and $HUI support are attesting to it.


  19. Asshold

    Post birth abortion in Australia is legal… Now we just need to extend the age of it to 18 to get rid of those with an IQ below 100 and society can actually evolve instead of devolve.

  20. Trading_Nymph

    Wonder if Silver Bullets will kill the AAPL Warewolf..that thing has to die soon. Tonights Australia GDP miss just continues to show how lame all this QE spending has been for global stimulus imho.

  21. razorsedge