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Satoshi Nakamoto on the Stand

Craig Wright takes the stand today in his own defense in the Kleiman v. Wright trial.

At stake are 1,100,000 BTC, BCH and BSV currently valued at over 65B dollars.

Dr. Wright is known to have a combative personality. I expect fireworks as the plaintiff’s lawyers will go after every opportunity to provoke Dr. Wright into harming his own defense with outbursts of the Tom Cruise vs Jack Nicholson variety.

The facts are that in the first week of the trial the Kleiman team have produced ZERO evidence that Dave Kleiman had a partnerships to mine Bitcoin with Craig Wright. However, this is a civil case with a jury comprised of Miami, FL residents. I am not a lawyer but I believe that civil cases with a jury have shown very unpredictable outcomes and damage settelements. It’s anyone’s game to this point.

Crypto is not prepared for the “truth”. Dr Wright has been hinting at revealing information regarding his creation of Bitcoin and many other bombshells. Now, it would be misleading to not mention that there are numerous instances of Dr Wright alleging major moves that never panned out. Will this time be different? This is Dr Wright’s put up or shut up moment as losing this case would cost him billions of dollars in Bitcoin. I’m tracking the case closely because if Craig Wright proves himself to be Satoshi in a court of law, well, that would be PRICELESS.

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