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Assessing My Next Move

BSV is under the $130 level I pointed to as important to watch. BSV is a buy here, but don’t shit your pantaloons if the downward trend accelerates and BSV sits at $80 for a few weeks. Crypto trading is a bad idea. You probably shouldn’t do it.

Bitcoin trading changes you. The swings are frequent and violent. The returns and losses are mind boggling. You’re just not the same after going to the movies and walking out of the theater with a 100% profit and by the time you get home a 30% loss.

You don’t get used to it, you just go numb.

So as I consider my next move I see broken markets everywhere. Gold just went on a bender. Yemens bombing Saudi Arabia points to a Oil pump. The dollar is destroying everything. QE to infinity has stocks on a 10 year straight line pump.

This all has to resolve itself somehow.

Crypto might just be the sanest choice in a crazy world.

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