Portfolio Bludgeoning, aka Sell: $GTN


Thanks in part to Yahoo Finance initially reporting (when I started the position) that GTN was to report earnings on 2/25 and part due to my own stupidity for not checking multiple sources (or rechecking with Yahoo, as it were), I have taken a most heinous loss in GTN this morning, selling at 3.29 (from an average of 4.36).  Seems fitting, considering my physical well being.

This is why, unless it is your primary strategy, you don’t play with earnings, kiddos.



4 Responses to “Portfolio Bludgeoning, aka Sell: $GTN”

  1. You’re right, nobody can game earnings. Playing earnings is gambling, you have to be right on earnings & guidance, but more importantly – you have to be right on market reaction. It’s all luck & luck is not a skill.

  2. shake it off..this very moment
    (that stinks)
    EM is still a huge winner in my book

  3. For me, it depends on position size going into earnings. If I’ve taken some profits beforehand, I can handle the stress of earnings better.

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