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Please pardon my tenor last evening when I sarcastically quipped about markets advancing 5% per month as the “new normal”.

Ah yes, recall those few gloomy hours on Monday afternoon.  You remember, that time when people were losing money on the stock exchange?  Men dressed in burlap and blue blazers were seen “talking hurriedly with crackers falling out of their mouths” (I can’t speak to that).

Then Benjamin Bernanke eased back in his study with a “Catch a Fire” sized spliff and was rumoured (sic) to have mentioned something about “bitches” and “getting (them) real good” (I can’t speak to that either).

Anyway, the ‘fun wagon’ left the station bright and early today and brought easy money to anyone with a brain, pulse and brokerage account (no offense to the shorts out there…but come on…).

There was some “moving” and “shaking” atop the leaderboard, leaving us with the following rundown:

Daily charts unless noted, links go to chartpin.

(Stock, Watch Price)

10. MBFI, 23.40

9. GDOT, 14.80


8. BG, 82.00

7. MGA, 54.20

6. CVD, 68.90

5. ALJ, 19.90

4. DEPO, 7.00

3. RWT, 19.40

2. CBI, 52.40

1. GTN, 4.10


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