$AN: A Story About a Void


A while back, I mentioned that my expectations for Auto Nation (AN) were for the stock to eventually revisit the highs made in late October in the mid 48’s.  Well, due in part to the favorable reaction by the market to earnings here is what we have today:

Here is the volume profile for this stock when I started my position in late December (at 39.04):

The moral of this story: even (hell, especially) when the price action of a stock seems to makes little sense, don’t forget to check in with the historical volume profile…it has a story to tell.



5 Responses to “$AN: A Story About a Void”

  1. Superb call, EM.


  2. This is a test post. I asked a long question and it either got deleted or it didn’t get posted.

  3. There it is!! My question was; What do you expect price to do since there is no overhead or Price/volume $39.50 and above?

  4. Their CEO, Mike Jackson, deserves to be run over by a Bentley.

    Can’t stand him,

    • I’m glad to see that he would be maimed with style and class,

      On that topic, knowing me, I think I would probably dislike many of the CEO’s that run the companies I invest in, so it would be tough for me to discriminate based on that variable alone.

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