Watchlist: Top 10


Counting down:

(ticker, watch price)

10. BG, 82.00

9. ESV, 64.30

8. RWT, 19.40

7. CBI, 52.40

6. PCL, 48.40

5. MGA, 54.20

4. VMC, 58.10

3. TPX, 41.40

2. PHM, 21.90

1. SODA, 53.60

In case you missed it, here is Mixtape #2

Also, “The Fly’s” best from the past week.




6 Responses to “Watchlist: Top 10”

  1. How do I not like SODA? Quick glance – beat estimates 7 straight quarters, strong earnings growth. I like that.

    • Heh, you are probably aware, but it’s a quote from the Seinfeld episode where George is trying to sway friends of Susan into using “Soda” as the name for their child.

  2. RWT looks golden. How do you scan for these volume pocket setups? Do you think we can use the PPT to find any? I am trying to think of the parameters that set these pockets up.

    • I scan with my eyes.

      I use two screens daily. Top 100 in the PPT (trading over 250k shares) and a modification on RC’s “Top 50” screen.

      I take the results of this data, compare it to the tickers I have collected in previous days (so I’m not continuously double checking the same stocks every day) and then I look for the volume pockets with the leftovers.

      It does take some time…hopefully it’s worth it.

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