Interested in Buying AAPL Here?


If so, I offer you the following chart as a “heads up”.  The time frame analyzed here is since AAPL went “full retard” to the upside in March 2009.

I suck at shorting, so I just try to avoid it (mostly because I have found no way to adequately interpret charts for shorting)…but the lack of historical volume in the range from about 420 (fvvvvheheheheh) to 500 is pretty remarkable for such a heavily traded stock.

If you are long and/or are looking to buy, it would appear that 500 is a good line in the sand.  Below that, we could see a swift drop directly to the low 400’s in short order.  There are literally very few people who bought in this region defend their position.

Tread with caution and do your best to avoid getting sucked into the funnel below 500.


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