Actual Watchlist Update


As I mentioned last night, I was busy separating my watchlist into two groups.  This morning, I have finished the process and can provide an update.

In “Group A” I am watching stocks that are approaching or are currently in a low volume area.  For reasons that I will reveal at a later date, I have instituted a buffer on the bottom (and top) of the low volume region, that is why the price threshold for all of these has changed since the previous update.  With this change, the prices listed below can now be considered purely as “buy points”.

Clearly, some of these names still have a significant way to go before they reach the desired price level.  That’s ok…I’m looking at the big picture here and will continue to monitor them in the event they do eventually reach those levels.  Blue highlights are less than 5% away, and keeping with my background in traffic, green means “go”.

The “Group B” watchlist consists of stocks that are on the threshold of all-time highs.  I am watching these because I have become quite interested in how the price of a stock will behave once it enters an area that it has never traded before.  My initial plan for this list is to use it strictly for observation purposes more than as a trading tool.

I’m very interested in how the dynamics of supply and demand are affected by the fact that there have never been buyers or sellers in these stocks, at these prices.  Basically, everyone who has ever owned a share in these companies is a winner.  I’m very intrigued by how this unfolds.

The color formatting in this table is the same as before.

More on this to come.  In the meantime, trade ’em well.


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