Portfolio: 01/07/13


The tenor of this post is dedicated to a few thoughts that I have this evening regarding the current state of college football.  Notre Dame has finally been exposed, I should have stuck with my original prediction from November 23, 2012:

College football is a joke.  Alabama is most certainly not a joke.  Computers deciding who plays for a championship is the dumbest thing ever.  Go back to the old bowl system…at least that was so convoluted and ridiculous that it was unique and entertaining.  Hell, at least more than one fucking game meant something!  I think there needs to be a complete overhaul…conference alignments don’t mean a damn thing anymore, sure rivalries are essential, but this horseshit computer/human ranking system is a joke.

I decided to add a small amount to my TTM position at 28.80 right before the close.  I hinted at buying here and announced it here.

All said, the portfolio finished -0.39% today.


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