Watchlist Update (Get Some) aka. Let’s Talk Some Stocks


New additions:

PL: Hot damn…the first stock I look at is an absolute beauty.  Above 31 and it’s going directly to 35.  Ahhh…THE POCKET

GPOR: has been banging on 38 repeatedly since the start of 2011.  Above 41 is into the ether.

MHLD: Relatively young stock,over 9.9 is a new all-time high.

AFG: Will be watching for a pullback to the low 40’s.  May leave me in the dust.

Quick observation: I am seeing a ton, and I mean a TON of Insurance companies coming up in the “highly ranked by PPT” screens that I use.

About those screens: the first is a modification on RC’s “Top 50” screen.  The second screens for stocks currently in The PPT Top 100 which also trade over 250k shares/day (ATTN: PPT members you can click on those links to be taken directly to the screens)  I run these every day.  So that I don’t keep checking the same stocks over and over, I keep a record of what I have already analyzed.  I’m looking at 10 year periods on weekly charts.  The likelihood of something changing quickly is slim.   I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with that list…but I have it…fascinating stuff here on a Saturday night huh?

Anyway, INSURANCE…keep a close eye on that industry…I’m seeing a lot of strength.

PVTB: Regional bank (midwest)…seeing a lot of regional banks in these results as well.

ABG: Off to the races.  Looking for a pullback to somewhere between 33-34.

MYL: 29 will be an all time high, surpassing the high in 2003…this is a big stock and could essentially advance unchecked at that point.  Just look at what fucking EFX is doing.  EquiFAX???  That’s unchecked aggression, Dude, by the bulls in that stupid stock.  EFX would have been an easy trade too…that’s the kind of thing we are looking for.

BPFH: another regional bank…watching 10.5.

BG: 78 is the number I’m looking at.

As is the custom with this list: yellow means it’s a new addition, green means the current price of the stock is above the listed price…i.e., on watch.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday evening.


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  1. EM: Well done on the iBC bloggery here.

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