Watchlist Update


As of 3:00 PM EST, here is the current state of affairs with the watchlist.  Lots of green, and around half of them up over 1%.

KKD is going batshit to the upside.  I had 10 as a target, then I had 11…I would like to think that we’ll get a pause around here, but these stupid stocks can go and go.  Since it is up over 20% since Santa day, the potential for a “high tight flag” is on the horizon (at least I think that is part of the criteria…Woodshedder?).

I’m currently exhibiting an extreme amount of patience, as I know that any of the stocks highlighted in red above are, by pretty much any technical measure possible, ‘overbought’.

We shall lie in wait, and “get those bitches” when the time is right.


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