Watchlist Update 1/3 PM


UPDATED 01/03/13 11 PM:

I’m keeping this as current as possible (though I am finding it challenging to manage “real” work and keep tabs on all of these).  IB’s “alarm” is too clunky and loud, so I don’t like using that…can anyone recommend a (free) website/program that I can use to alert me when one of these price levels is crossed so I don’t have to do it manually?  Thanks in advance.

Stocks that, as of this post, are trading over the noted price threshold are highlighted in green.  As of 1/3 11 PM any new additions to the list are highlighted in yellow.  Have at it:


8 Responses to “Watchlist Update 1/3 PM”

  1. The Eye-Talian Stallion

    Get a Fidelity account. You can get sound, e-mail or text message alerts.

    • Do I get that green stripe with the arrow icon that leads me everywhere I go as well?

    • Oh, and thanks.

      I’m not really looking to open a new brokerage account at the moment. I’m going to play around with IB’s features to see if I can tweak it to my liking.

      Thanks again.

  2. you can set up all sorts of alerts, will send email and text to phone

  3. Wait is green good? If so ATML niice. FD:L TAOR

    • Green means: “Keep an eye on it, things could be getting interesting” aka KAEOITCBGI.

      ATML is on watch.

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