Portfolio: 01/03/13


I sat and watched as my open positions bounced from “down” at the open, to being up almost 2k at one point in the afternoon.  In the end, the losses in EEM dragged on performance, and we ended up down a touch on the session (-0.15%).

I really like the way that AN is acting.  This trade is a pullback/volume void combo that looks primed to head back to all-time highs in the coming weeks and months.  I look forward to adding some shares.  

I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see CTB pause here…I probably entered this trade a little too soon…same can be said for FSS.  It’s always a learning process, no?

MRH, TTM and WGO are all working well, with WGO having gone “full retard” to the upside the past week…just look at that thing go.  Like AN, I look forward to purchasing more shares of the luxury motored home manufacturer when it takes a breather.  I talked about the stock yesterday in this article.  My price target is around 27…so there are still plenty of good seats available.

My best to you all.


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  1. Good read- Thanks EZM

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