Attn: Short Sellers of First Solar


Warning: you soon may be summoned to the city square.

I know that it has been ‘en vogue’ to bash the living shit out of solar power companies these past 2 years (and, rightfully so, mind you), but money always flows toward momentum.  Earlier RC noted that the Solar ETF TAN continues to populate the upper reaches of ETF performance…showing either a continued short squeeze or what could be actual, legitimate buying.

In closing, if you are short FSLR I post this chart as caution, as your penis may soon be removed from your person:


6 Responses to “Attn: Short Sellers of First Solar”

  1. It registered a hon3y hole setup last week too. Bullish.

  2. Hi Eliza, how do you view the PBV as you have set up in this graph on

    • It’s actually called “volume by price” there. Once there I adjust the color to be the same (I don’t really care about buying/selling volume, just total) and opacity.

      Also I use the arithmetic instead of log scale…I’m interested in price levels, not comparing the size of moves. Arithmetic scale gives a much clearer picture of that in stocks like FSLR that have seen a significant decline in price.

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