Portfolio: 01/02/13


Today saw the addition of 1/4 positions in CTB and FSS.  I’m looking to build longer term positions in all of these stocks, so I’m not selling anything into this ridiculous rally.  In fact, you can see that I’m still well over 50% cash, with the majority of my invested funds in EEM…so I still have a significant amount of dry powder for discretionary trades.

Here is were we stand as of the close on January 2, 2013:


5 Responses to “Portfolio: 01/02/13”

  1. From previous “watch-List” post, you have ATML @7.00

    Q: Is this the sell entry?

    Congratulations on tabbydum, should be a shoe-in from here

    • Thanks for the kind words.

      No I’m looking to go long. 7.00 is a point of interest to me. I want to see what happens if/when price gets there. The majority of volume (at least in the past 10 years) for ATML resides between 3 and 7.

      There’s currently not a large amount of resistance above 7, so I’ll look to scale into a position if I like what I see once price gets over that hump. I’ll dip my toes into the water with a 1/5 or 1/4 position.

      I’ll delve into how I determine position sizing in a future post.

  2. I’m not a break-out Trader Myself, suppose I should have realized what you were looking for, thanks for clearing that up

  3. 10K in one day. nice

    • Honestly, you really have to try to not make money on a day like yesterday. I expect some churn in the coming days.

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